Mapungubwe National Park (initially called Vhembe Dongola National Park) is one of the relatively new National Parks in South Africa. It is situated in the triangle formed by the countries of South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe, at the confluence of the rivers Limpopo and Shashe, approximately 60 km west of Musina and 230 km north of the provincial capital Polokwane.

From around 950 to 1300 Mapungubwe (“place of the jakkal”) was the centre of a powerful kingdom and the most significant high-culture south of the Sahara. The citizens were involved in intense barter trading with Arab merchants, most of them from the east coast (Mozambique). African gold and other precious metals, ivory and animal hides were exchanged for porcelain, glass ware and textiles from the Indo-Pacific region, namely India, Indonesia and China. The inhabitants were wealthy.


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Food Attractions

Day 1

Arrival, Check-in (The school will arrive in Mapungubwe and check-in at accommodation)

Beach view ; leaner will go to the beach take pictures and enjoy the view with educator’s watching them.

Dinner; Leaner will eat supper


Day 2

Breakfast; learners will have breakfast

Bout Cruise; Go on bout cruise and learn about the different types of bout’s

Ushaka Marine; learners will learn about al types fish and sharks  life  in the sea

be taught about all see animals and how to feed them.

Swim at wet and wild and enjoy

Dangerous creatures: learners will learn about al types dangerous creature in the park

and Dinner;Leaner will eat supper.


Day 3

Breakfast: Leaner will eat breakfast

Tour drive to Zulu Village  and Reptile: Leaner be taught about the Zulu culture

Sugar Terminal: Leaner will be taught how sugar is made

Dinner: Leaner will eat supper.


Day 4

Breakfast: Leaner will eat breakfast

Bout Museum; will go in one of the ship bout that was used military and be taught and see how it is inside

Moses Mabida



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